Friday July 28th  11am - 10pm

Saturday, July 29th 11am-10pm

Sunday, July 30th  11am - 3pm

Friday August 4th 11am - 10pm

Saturday, August 5th  11am - 10pm

Sunday, August 6th  11am - 2pm

Friday, August 11th 11am - 10pm

Saturday, August 12th  11am - 10pm

Sunday, August 13th 11am - 3pm

Friday August 18th  11am - 10pm

Saturday, August 19th 11am - 10pm

Sunday, August 20th  11am -2pm

Friday. September 1st  11am - 10pm

Saturday, September 2nd 11am-10pm

Sunday, September 3rd  11am - 10pm

Monday, September 4th  11am-10pm

Please contact Dave at if you wish to make up any of the rain dates. 


Volleyball Open Make -Up Dates